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Music to me is a voice, my voice, it's my way of expressing what colours can I bring in, what emotions, what feel. What ideas can I bring out from these instruments that would make this song come alive.

St. Jerome (347-420 A.D.)

About Scott

Scott is a member of ASCAP, Mensa, the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA), the Knights of Columbus, and sometime member of: the Music Library Association, the Indiana Library Federation, and the Handbell Musicians of America (was AGEHR).

Scott received his M.M. degree in composition in 2010, almost exactly twenty years after earning his bachelor’s degree in theory/composition. His composition teachers have included Michael Schelle, Frank Felice, and Richard N. Stewart.

Scott has been composer-in-residence for Embellish and Circle City Ringers handbell ensembles and he has written or arranged over 40 handbell pieces. In all music, he enjoys experimenting with new techniques and always loves humor. If you wish to acquire, perform, or commission a piece, handbell or otherwise, his contact information is listed at the bottom of this page.

Scott also maintains a humor website: Pfitz’s Pfunnies
and does personal genealogy research: RoyaltyLinks

Musical Deconstructions

Scott uses this concept to take apart the music and allow these short pieces to focus on and experiment with one or more specific elements of what is traditionally considered Music.

Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom

Scott’s musical setting of the Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom, the liturgy used on most Sundays in the Orthodox Christian and Eastern Catholic Church.
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Tinnio Ergo Sum Press

“I ring therefore I am”
Scott has made most of his handbell music available through this label. Contact him for more information
Handbell Music
  • Scott Pfitzinger is an exemplary student of music in every aspect, and this translates into the kind of composer he is: curious, willing to try new things, and a fine purveyor of the craft of composition. His music is fresh, fun, well-written and serves the need of the audiences he writes for.

    He’s made his mark in the world of handbell music, writing pieces that are both challenging and satisfying for the ensemble’s players and garnering the attention of some of that world’s finest groups.

    Dr. Frank Felice / Composer, Bassist, & Professor of Music
  • I had the genuine pleasure of working with Scott as the library liaison for the Dept. of Modern Languages at Butler University and always found him to be a true professional. He continuously took the initiative of presenting our department with research and pedagogy tools, and he always was available to help us with any of our questions or problems.

    Furthermore, he did an outstanding job in coordinating the library’s annual Celebration of Scholarship, a month-long event showcasing faculty research.

    Scott has a positive “Can do” attitude and a winning smile that puts everyone at ease. I will really miss having him as a colleague at Butler.

    Dr. Linda Willem / Professor of Spanish
  • Scott writes amazing handbell music! I had the privilege of playing in Circle City Ringers with Scott, where we performed several of his pieces. He knows what handbells are capable of and writes music to showcase different aspects of the handbell sound.

    His arrangement of William Tell’s Overture is one of my favorites. Originally arranged for a smaller handbell ensemble, Scott quickly modified it to suit our larger group.

    I am always eager to play both Scott’s original work as well as his arranged music.

    Seth Good / Handbell Musician


Scott always has multiple irons in the fire. Here are some aspects of his life.
  • Researcher

    Just completed a music reference book called Composer Genealogies: A Compendium of Over 17,000 Classical Music Composers, scheduled to be published in March 2017 by Rowman & Littlefield.
    Scott is also a genealogist and performs personalized genealogy research through his website,
  • Composer

    Scott Pfitzinger is a music librarian and a composer of contemporary concert music and experimental music. He has written over 20 “Musical Deconstruction” pieces — fluxus-style pieces that each focus on one particular aspect of music.
    Scott uses this concept to take apart the music and allow these different short pieces to focus on and experiment with one or more specific elements of what is traditionally considered Music.
  • Christian

    Scott has been on a long spiritual pilgrimage and wrote an essay back in 2007 to explain what he learned on his journey. It chronicles his progression from Baptist to Lutheran to Roman Catholic and Orthodox Christian, along with discussions of doctrines and what the Early Church taught about Christianity.
    In 2016, Scott finished expanding his essay into a 180-page book. He is currently seeking a publisher for it.
  • Librarian

    Scott has been involved in higher education since 1997, mostly as a university librarian. He is currently the Access Services Librarian at the University of Wisconsin - La Crosse.
  • Medievalist

    Scott is also an active member of the Society for Creative Anachronism, an international nonprofit organization that re-creates the Middle Ages. He is known as Lord Hakon Hrafnsson and has a 13th-century Norse persona. Hakon’s areas of interest include heraldry, brewing, medieval/renaissance dance, and thrown weapons. Scott/Hakon has been working on writing the music and choreography for new dances that fit in with English Country Dances as published by Playford in 1651.
  • Family

    Scott has been married since 1991. He has three sons and two grandsons.

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